HTTP Resource Description
GET agents Returns a list of agents.
GET agents/:login Returns agent info.
GET agents/:login/last_queue_call Returns the last queue call.
GET agents/:login/status Returns the agent status.
GET agents_groups Returns agent groups.
GET agents_statuses Returns agent statuses.
GET agents_work_report Returns agent work report.
POST agents Creates a new agent.
POST agents/:login/answer Answer agent's phone when he uses Thulium Softphone.
POST agents/:login/call Makes a call for agent to the specified phone number.
POST agents/:login/call_preview Make call in preview outbound.
POST agents/:login/free Unpauses agent.
POST agents/:login/hangup Hangs up agent call.
POST agents/:login/login Logs in the specified agent.
POST agents/:login/logout Logs out the specified agent.
POST agents/:login/pause Pauses agent.
POST agents/:login/stop_recording Stops recording of the ongoing call for the specified agent.


HTTP Resource Description
DELETE companies/:id Removes the specified company.
DELETE customers/:id Removes the specified customer.
GET companies Returns a collection of companies matching a specified query.
GET companies/:id Returns a single company, specified by an id parameter.
GET customer_id_by_outbound_status Returns a collection of identifiers of customers matching specified campaign statuses.
GET customers Returns a collection of customers matching a specified query.
GET customers/:id Returns a single customer, specified by an id parameter.
POST companies Creates a new company in CRM.
POST customers Creates a new customer in CRM.
POST customers/:id/feed_records Adds entry to customer feeds.
PUT companies/:id Updates a company in CRM.
PUT customers/:id Updates a customer in CC CRM.


HTTP Resource Description
DELETE outbounds/:id Deletes the specified outbound with all its records.
GET outbounds Returns list of outbounds.
GET outbounds/:id/agents Returns list of all agents from a given outbound.
GET outbounds/:id/stats Returns records stats for outbound.
GET outbounds/:id/statuses Returns list of all statuses in a given outbound.
GET outbounds/stats Returns records stats for all active outbound.
POST outbounds Adds outbound.
POST outbounds/:id/add_agents Adds list of agents to outbound.
POST outbounds/:id/clone Clones outbound.
POST outbounds/:id/remove_agents Removes agents from outbound.
POST outbounds/:id/set_agents Adds and removes agents to and from outbound.
PUT outbounds/:id Update outbound.

Outbounds (batch)

HTTP Resource Description
DELETE batch/outbounds Deletes multiple outbounds with all its records.

CRM outbounds

HTTP Resource Description
DELETE crm_outbounds/:id/records/:customer_id Deletes the specified record from the CRM Outbound.
GET crm_outbounds/:id/records Returns a list of outbound records with primary parameters.
GET crm_outbounds/:id/records/:customer_id Returns CRM outbound record data.
POST crm_outbounds/:id/records Adds a new record to the specified CRM outbound.
POST crm_outbounds/:id/records/:customer_id/copy_notes Copy notes from outbound to CRM.
PUT crm_outbounds/:id/records/:customer_id Updates the specified record in the CRM outbound.

CSV outbounds

HTTP Resource Description
DELETE outbounds/:id/records/:phone_number Deletes record from outbound.
DELETE outbounds/:id/records_by_identifier/:identifier Deletes record from outbound.
GET outbounds/:id/records Returns a list of outbound records with primary parameters.
GET outbounds/:id/records/:phone_number Returns outbound record data.
GET outbounds/:id/records_by_identifier/:identifier Returns outbound record data.
GET outbounds_by_phone_number/:phone_number Returns list of outbounds, which contain given phone number.
POST outbound_status_by_phone_number Update outbound status by phone number.
POST outbounds/:id/records Adds outbound record.
PUT outbounds/:id/records/:phone_number Updates outbound records.
PUT outbounds/:id/records_by_identifier/:identifier Updates outbound records.

Temporary files

HTTP Resource Description
POST temporary_files Creates a temporary file.


HTTP Resource Description
GET users/:login Returns user info with assigned SIP accounts.


HTTP Resource Description
DELETE tickets/:id Removes the specified ticket.
GET ticket_categories Returns list of ticket categories.
GET ticket_queues Returns list of ticket queues.
GET ticket_statuses Returns list of ticket statuses.
GET tickets Returns list of tickets.
GET tickets/:id Returns ticket details.
GET tickets/today_stats Returns tickets stats for current day.
POST tickets Adds a ticket.
POST tickets/:id/comment Add comment to a ticket.
POST tickets/:id/customer_response Add customer response to a ticket.
PUT tickets/:id Edit a ticket.

Customer special field groups

HTTP Resource Description
GET customer_field_groups Returns a collection of customers spacial field groups.


HTTP Resource Description
DELETE webhooks/:id Deletes the webhook.
GET webhooks Returns all webhooks.
POST webhooks Adds a webhook.

Call topics

HTTP Resource Description
GET topics Returns active call topics.